Thursday, June 21, 2012

Our New Additions

Oh my gosh, what a crazy week. I started this blog because we finally got some farm animals to go on our little farm. We got a miniature stallion and boy he is pretty. And three miniature goats, mom, dad and six month old kid. Also mom was pregnant. So, my intent was to start the blog introduce you to the animals. Begin to chronicle our learning experiences with them and share the moms birth. Well, I no more than got it up and mom had the baby and wouldn't you know it. We MISSED it. That is, all of us except my 8yo daughter, who came running to the house yelling "Gracie had the baby." The baby is now 4 days old. I do have some pics  from right after she was born, I just have not had time to post. I will go ahead now and introduce the whole gang:

Our Miniature Stallion John Henry

The tan goat is Edwardo, he's the daddy
The black one is 6 months old, the kids want to name her Sophie

 Our mommy goat is Gracie
They want to name the baby Angel

Edwardo is curious about what is going on.

We brought Angel in the house to explore.
She is one day old here.

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