Friday, July 20, 2012


I have lived here now for almost four yeas and I am still amazed at the shear amount of traffic. We have been on the road for an hour now and have only made it 20 miles. I commute on average 3 hours per day to work and that is normal here. A lit of people in this area would call that good. When did spending 1/6 of your waking hours in traffic become normal.

Spending that much time couped up on a metro, bus, van or other vehicle full of strangers is crazy. I say strangers because we spend all this time together, yet no one talks to anyone! We will get into a vehicle with someone we have never met, yet we won't talk to them. Sometime Google slugging in Virginia.

I miss the days of living in a small community where everyone lived, worked and worshipped together. And they would gather around the front porch of their neighbors and have good conversations. So this is my virtual front porch. Pull up a chair and chat. If you live in a large city or not so large city share your experiences.

OK, that's it for my traffic rant. LOL

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