Monday, March 18, 2013

Hot Dogs with Chili

Who is ready for Summer?

 Hot dog with chili and sweet potato fries

Hot dogs are a classic summer time food. In my opinion hot dogs are not complete without chili and the spicier the better! My hubby is my cook and he does a fabulous job. He doesn't use a recipe when making his chili so unfortunately, I don't have a step by step recipe to share. I can tell you the basics. He starts with hamburger, cooked and drained. He adds chili pepper, tomato base and salsa (we use medium, depending on how spicy you like it). He cooks that down for a few hours. Taste it, add more seasoning as needed and simmer for another hour or two and repeat. His chili is an all day process and it never tastes exactly the same twice, but it is always so tasty. The kids enjoy just eating chili sandwiches forget the hot dog. LOL

What are your must haves on a hot dog? What other summertime traditions do you have?

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