Friday, September 27, 2013

New Blog Design

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My Not So Simple Life

First I want to say thank you Jennifer Maloney for the great job you did. I am very happy with my new design. You can visit learn more about her designs and the design process.

For my design, she started by having me fill out a short survey of what I wanted. Then she asked a few question about me, what I liked and didn't like about my current design.  After she got a feel for me and my preferences, she put together a template for me to review and provide in put. She incorporated my input and when I was happy with the design, she applied it to my blog. She really captured my personality in this design while keeping it clean and easy to navigate. I love the way the sidebar is sectioned out. It makes it look less cluttered and easier to use.

While she mostly does blog designs for blogger, she does provide some other services. These include Etsy store graphics, HTML code fixes, business cards and logo graphics. Click here to learn more.

Jennifer would like to give one of my readers a free "Quick Blog Makeover" (which includes a header graphic, "About Me" graphic, and a coordinating background) + 30% off a "Complete Blog Makeover", should they wish to complete the look (includes custom social icons, font styling throughout the blog, layout design, sidebar label styling, custom category buttons, and a custom grab button. This makeover is for the Blogger platform only.

This "Complete Blog Makeover" package is valued at $450 - their cost would be $315. This offer is non-transferable and must be used by the person who wins. If the winner chooses to purchase the Complete Blog Makeover package, it must be used on the same blog that the Quick Blog Makeover was done on. 

She also has a book available for sale on Amazon that gives practical advice for new Etsy sellers or those who aren't quite sure why their shop isn't doing well.

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