Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Turtle Eggs

Wow, so it has been over a week since I have posted. It has been crazy, our baby goat is growing nicely. I have a video to post, but not in this post. I have new news! We were working in our back yard, moving dirt around and found 13 eggs. They are small round white eggs. Look similar to a ping pong ball, but feel like leather. We did some research and found out they are turtle eggs.

We found the eggs in a large dirt mound we had in between the trees, you can see the remnants of it. My hubby has already spread the most of it out to help raise the land back there up a bit.

We placed the eggs in a bucket. After some research, I have learned that they are turtle eggs and that you if you move them, you need to:

1. Put them in a like environment....we used the same dirt they were laid in and placed them in a bucket.

2. Be sure they are not turned over or the embryo could suffocate.... This was a much harder task. but there appeared to be a line and the tops were lighter and the bottom slightly darker, so hopefully I have placed them correctly.

The next step was to cover them back up with dirt and now we wait and see if we get baby turtles. If anyone has any advice on helping these little guys make it, please leave a comment. Thanks!

8/30/12 UPDATE: We were not able to save any of these eggs.  They had been through too much trauma between being unearthed by the excavator and the heat wave we went through. I still don't know if I placed them the correct side up! So, if you find turtle eggs the best solution if possible is to leave them where they are and just mark the spot so you don't trample them by accident. If you must move them mark the tops so you know how to place them back. In our case we weren't able to do either because they had already been disturbed when we discovered them.
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