Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Are you Prepared?

I have been neglectful of the blog lately. We have had at least one person in the house sick since before Thanksgiving. It started with our youngest daughter, she got sick the week before Thanksgiving, then our youngest son followed. He got sick a couple days before Thanksgiving and was still sick on Thanksgiving day. He laid on the couch all day and didn't eat anything except a couple spoonfuls of mashed potatoes. We were on vacation in Florida and staying in a condo with five kids, and one of those being sick is not much fun. We ended up having Thanksgiving dinner in shifts because we couldn't take our baby out feeling so bad. The girls and I went to the restaurant on the resort, luckily they were serving a Thanksgiving buffet and it was good. When we returned, my hubby and oldest son went out. It turned out to be a pretty nice time, I got in some good quality girl time and our oldest enjoyed getting some one on one time with his dad. He doesn't get that a lot, being the oldest of a large family.

Here we are almost two weeks later and we still have sick kids. This bug hangs around for a few days and it is slow moving. It is slowly working its way through the family. We have one left that has not been down with it yet. Which brings me to my question, are you prepared for this cold and flu season? What are your go to items or must haves when you or a family member get sick? Be it the cold, a stomach bug or an all out flu.

Our shopping list for the cold and flu seasaon is:

Paper Towels
Wet Wipes (Not just for babies)
Extra towels
Vitamin C
Cold and Flu meds
Anti-Nausea meds

Be sure you are stocked up on all you need, it is no fun to have to go to the store when you or someone you love is under the weather.

God Bless

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