Friday, July 31, 2015

Cell Phones & Their Health Risks

As more and more people rely on the usage of mobile phones in their everyday existence, scientists have begun to study the relationship we have with our phones, in order to ensure that there are no health risks involved with this particular lifestyle. With so many people using mobile phones, many experts in the field of medical research are concerned about problems that could arise over the long haul.

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That is why it is important to educate oneself, so that you can regulate and monitor your own cell phone usage. A mobile phone operates by using radiofrequency radiation. While scientific studies have yet to prove that these waves can damage brain function and lead to tumors, hey are quick to warn users that these studies are not based on long term mobile phone use. Evidence that mobile phones lead to health risks has been inconclusive in the short term. The World Health Organization warns that exposure to the radiation can lead to an increased risk of brain cancer. During their statement on the matter, they also warned mobile phone users to take an approach that is precautionary.

Mobile phones work under the same principle as a two way radio. The phone utilizes the aforementioned radiation to communicate with an antenna at a base station that is located nearby. During phone calls, the amount of radiation that a person exposes themselves to depends on how long they are using the phone, the proximity of the phone to their body and how close the person is to the base station used.

When it comes to the effects on your health, there is a major difference between the health effects, as compared to the biological. The biological effects involve the heating mechanism that can raise the temperature of a person's brain by a very small amount. The health effects are more closely tied to a person's increased risk for traffic accidents while using their mobile phone. Outside of the obvious precautions a mobile phone user can take to avoid traffic accidents, there are other measures that can be used to minimize exposure to radiation. There are mobile phone models designed to keep radiation absorption low, as well as landlines that should be used when possible. Keeping your phone away from your body during calls, making sure calls are short or buying a hands free kit also helps. You can get a headset like that at a deeply discounted price with a Kohl's coupon.

If you seek more assistance on this topic, be sure to contact your trusted physician as soon as possible. It is also important to remember that the studies that have failed to locate conclusive evidence linking cell phone usage to cancer are based on a small sample size and that cancer can take years to develop. As a final note, take the proper precautions while driving and do not use a handheld phone while driving, as it may be illegal depending on the state and can cause fatal accidents.

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